Shower Meditation, Anyone?

shower1867380_1280In meditation, not everyone likes the protocol of focusing on an object, a word, or their breath. As they say, “different strokes for different folks”.

I’m no pro at meditation, but I’ve had some powerful experiences while focusing on my breath, or even the word, “one”. I’m not bragging. My ability to focus is limited. I often feel I’m a secret member of “Short Attention Span Theatre”.

Yet, despite this deficit, while I was writing my Meditation Books, I got ideas for each day’s message while meditating. You can’t argue with success.

It’s Too Hard!

But I totally understand it when people say, “I can’t meditate. It’s too hard to keep my mind still.”

Yes, and that’s the whole point. Meditation is a mental practice to still your mind. It’s a mental gym.

The Shower Power Method

For those of you who prefer less tedious methods, but still curious about meditation, I present the “Shower Meditation” option. It requires your attention, but also offers the benefit of negative ions as a bonus. In fact, exposure to water generated negative ions boosts your natural killer cells.

Negative ions not only clear the air of allergens, but reduce stress. The negative ions coming off the motion of the water can also be found at the beach or Niagara Falls, but I’m guessing your bathroom may be a closer option. So, think of your shower as a health spa…perfect place to meditate

Why I Started

I started recommending this to people after an extremely non-meditative experience. While showering, I couldn’t remember if I had washed my hair. Since I don’t have the kind of thick, lustrous hair that can go a week without washing, I had to decide whether to wash, or perhaps, re-wash my hair or forsake all vanity. My mind was somewhere in the stratosphere, but definitely not in the shower.

The Negative Thoughts Think Tank

I realized that my shower had morphed into a negative think tank. Every morning, I methodically rehearsed my day, imagining everything that could possibly go wrong. Sometimes I’d even get angry while visualizing these depressing scenes. No wonder I couldn’t remember whether I’d washed my hair. I wasn’t there. I was at work!

So, to meditate in the shower means to pay attention to what you’re doing. Notice that you’re washing your hair. Pay attention to the feeling of the warmth of the water on your skin. Enjoy the sensations. You won’t have to wash your hair twice. You’ll save water. You’ll feel less demented.

And best of all, when you step out of the shower, you’ve already done your morning meditation.

Go to the head of the class.




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