Ginsburg and Oakley…Their Common Thread

 Did You Know?

Did you know life purpose is linked to happiness, as well as a lower probability of depression?

 Even though the term is hot right now, the concept has been percolating for as long as humans have walked the planet.

When you’re a 7th grader, your life purpose might be making it to 8th grade. As an adult, it’s usually more far reaching.

An Unlikely Pair

There are so many examples of those living out their purpose, you don’t have far to look to find a role model. In fact, you may be one. In fact, you probably are one!

A lot has been said about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She spent her life promoting many causes, one being women’s rights. Among her many accomplishments was co-founding the Women’s Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). This takes imagination, inspiration, and grit. She may not have called it “life purpose”, but she had it in spades.

Another, somewhat unlikely prospect was Annie Oakley, the hotshot with the pistol prowess. At the age of 8, she started using her skills to hunt for food for her family. She later traveled the country demonstrating her sharpshooting skills and joining Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. One of her life purposes was advocating for women to learn a male dominated sport, as she had so famously done.

Amazingly, her purpose began before she hit the age of 10. This should encourage young girls to see Oakley as a role model, and seek out their own innate leanings and talents in pursuit of their purpose. 

This morning I read about a book called My Name Is Not Isabella. Just How Big Can A Little Girl Dream? It introduces young girls to role models, such as Sally Ride and Marie Curie. 

Your Relatives and Teachers

I don’t think at the age of 8 I was aware of female role models, other than family members and teachers. Of course, these role models had the biggest influence. They can’t be discounted in my life purpose development. 

Maybe the role models with the most clout are those relatives and teachers who notice and encourage our talents, leanings, and interests. 

Bravo to them…our original life purpose catalysts!


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