What Have You Noticed?

I Have Questions!

I surprise myself. After all the years I’ve spent on this planet, I still have a lot of questions.

For example, I’ve recently noticed that the crinkly sound of a cat treat bag is almost identical to the crinkly sound of a potato chip bag, or any other tasty human treat. 

Healthy foods also come in crinkly bags. I just can’t think of any at the moment. 

This wouldn’t be a problem, but the sound of crinkling sends “TREAT ALERT” signals throughout my house, and the cats come running. After all, if I have a treat, then they expect as much.

 This is has made me aware of how often I go to the kitchen for a treat. My cats are like little diet alarms. I’d like to tell the veterinary industry to come up with a different type of packaging.

The Wind

Another thing I’ve noticed recently has to do with the weather. I grew up in Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.

 In Florida, we’re in the middle of a cold front. Ok… north Florida. When the temperature hits the uncomfortably cold mark, which is higher than you might imagine, guess what comes with it? 

You guessed it…wind…cold wind. I’ve noticed that warm weather doesn’t seem to stir up much wind, which is fine with me… one less bad hair day. 

Now, my question is, and I’m not a meteorologist, why does the wind come only when it’s cold? Isn’t it bad enough that I’m already freezing without any wind? Maybe I just notice it because of the extreme discomfort. If you wear contact lenses, you know what I’m talking about.

Save the Sun

Another question I wonder about is why, when it causes heart attacks, strokes, and insomnia, do we still have to switch back and forth from daylight savings time?

I love daylight! It’s worth saving! I don’t like changes that come with dire warnings about potential health catastrophes.

Yes, I get it that the kids at the bus stops need light in the morning. Wouldn’t it be easier to delay the start of school one hour?  I don’t think those stroke and heart attack warnings are aimed at kids.

Do I sound like a curmudgeon? 

I know I’m not alone.

Here’s where you say, “Me too”.


The Dilemma of Faith

The Redirection

I just read an article by Dr. Monroe Mann, Psych Ph.d, about dealing with rejection. As a former therapist, I’m familiar with the term “reframe,” which means changing the way you think about something when you’re stuck in a negative mindset.

She has an intriguing take on this concept, and calls it a “redirection”. Instead of feeling rejected when things don’t work out, instead, you can look at it as a Plan B, a chance to take a different path. 

You could call it fate, bad luck, or divine providence. Maybe God sees things from a bigger picture. 

What Did I Just Say?

Did I really say, “maybe”? Where’s my faith? 

I think of myself as a person of faith. When I look back, I’ve had plenty of “redirections” in my life. My first reaction to rejection or implosion of my best laid plans is usually negative. I look for someone to blame, and that someone is usually me.

Am I just not good enough, skilled enough, lovable enough, or, in a word, enough?

Time For A Redirect!

This type of thinking is the antithesis of faith. Having faith in something bigger than yourself has a positive effect on not only your state of mind, but your health. This isn’t wishful thinking. There are extensive research articles on Pub Med to back this up. 

What if I decided to interpret rejections and other downturns as a divine redirection from a Higher Power who always has my back?

Maybe my best prayer could be, “this or something better”. 

That way, when the “this” doesn’t manifest, I can look forward to the “something better.”

I like to think of myself as intelligent and rational enough to make my own decisions, and I do. I believe trusting myself, after doing my homework, is the right path. 

But if I’m honest, when it doesn’t work out, my knee jerk reaction is that someone or something has to pay. 

If I allow the scapegoat to be my faith, I’m toast.

The Resolution

Maybe one of my New Year’s Resolution will be honoring the redirections in my life as the “something better”. 

That’s my Resolution.


Give Me Patience…Now!

The Problem with Patience

There are many opportunities in life to develop patience, if that’s your goal.
 I learned many years ago not to pray for patience. If you do, get ready to experience some version of “hurry up and wait.”
Life, or God, will give you multiple opportunities to develop patience, and unless you’re already a patient person, it won’t be classified as enjoyable or fun.

 There are multiple ways the universe helps you develop patience…but steel yourself.
Take the Pandemic, for instance. Social distancing began two weeks before my birthday in March, and now I’m wondering if my next birthday will be a similar lockdown. 
In the meantime, I bought two adorable kittens and binge- watched “The Crown”, all in an effort to distract myself… but I’m still pacing the floor. 
It’s My Fault!

Sometimes, instead of mastering the waiting game, I invite it. Case in point…when I wait until the last minute to leave the house for an appointment, and hit every red light on the road.
As I feel my adrenaline racing, my mind chastises me with a million “woulda, coulda, shouda’s”. If impatience is so uncomfortable, you’d think I could think of a Plan B, like maybe leaving the house earlier.
How about waiting in line at the grocery store? This is another challenge. Einstein was right. Time is relative. A minute in that line feels like fifteen. 
Once I advance far enough to reach the magazines, I can at least distract myself as I flip through the pictures, and hope the cashier notices. Actually, I should be grateful I don’t have time to actually read the articles.

But that would be looking at the bright side. Instead, it’s all cortisol overload…no bright side to that.
Here’s a question…if physicians really cared about my health, why would they make me wait so long in the aptly named “waiting” room?

Don’t they know they’re causing my cortisol to spike? Don’t they remember their Hippocratic oath?
Bottom line…back to square one…

Praying for patience. 

The Scarlet “A”

I confess. I’ve been putting something off.

I always tell my clients procrastination is a result of perfectionism. I’ve never actually given myself that label, but there’s one assignment I have to admit I’ve been avoiding.

The scarlet “A” doesn’t stand for adultery, alcoholism, or asexuality. It stands for Alzheimer’s. 

I think most people over 50 are aware of the ticking clock, and with that, the so- called gifts of old age. 

“I’m not that old,” I think. 

“Ok…compared to who…Methuselah?” 

I Bought The Book!

So, I bought a book about Alzheimer’s prevention, just in case.

 I’ve made it to page 36, where I met my nemesis…the list. On this page was a list of words. The assignment was to memorize the words, distract yourself for 10 minutes with another activity, and then see how many words you can recall. This was a blood curdling assignment.

Two Dull Blades

My sister, who lives in another state, often asks me, “What did you do yesterday?” And every time she asks, I say, “I’ll have to look at my to-do list from yesterday.” It’s a constant reminder that maybe my memory isn’t as sharp as I’d like to think.

 But then again, my sister keeps asking that same question over and over. Maybe she’s not so sharp either. Maybe we’re just two dull blades over the telephone wires.

I’m going to get the courage to do the list, but I have to be up for the task. It can’t be in the morning because I’m sharper at night. I’ve proven that theory with the crossword.

It can’t be after a meal because digestion slows the blood flow to my brain, or that’s what I tell myself. 

Someday I’ll find the courage. In the meantime, I’ll just procrastinate.

I can’t stay on page 36 forever…

Can I?