The Scarlet “A”

I confess. I’ve been putting something off.

I always tell my clients procrastination is a result of perfectionism. I’ve never actually given myself that label, but there’s one assignment I have to admit I’ve been avoiding.

The scarlet “A” doesn’t stand for adultery, alcoholism, or asexuality. It stands for Alzheimer’s. 

I think most people over 50 are aware of the ticking clock, and with that, the so- called gifts of old age. 

“I’m not that old,” I think. 

“Ok…compared to who…Methuselah?” 

I Bought The Book!

So, I bought a book about Alzheimer’s prevention, just in case.

 I’ve made it to page 36, where I met my nemesis…the list. On this page was a list of words. The assignment was to memorize the words, distract yourself for 10 minutes with another activity, and then see how many words you can recall. This was a blood curdling assignment.

Two Dull Blades

My sister, who lives in another state, often asks me, “What did you do yesterday?” And every time she asks, I say, “I’ll have to look at my to-do list from yesterday.” It’s a constant reminder that maybe my memory isn’t as sharp as I’d like to think.

 But then again, my sister keeps asking that same question over and over. Maybe she’s not so sharp either. Maybe we’re just two dull blades over the telephone wires.

I’m going to get the courage to do the list, but I have to be up for the task. It can’t be in the morning because I’m sharper at night. I’ve proven that theory with the crossword.

It can’t be after a meal because digestion slows the blood flow to my brain, or that’s what I tell myself. 

Someday I’ll find the courage. In the meantime, I’ll just procrastinate.

I can’t stay on page 36 forever…

Can I?


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