Give Me Patience…Now!

The Problem with Patience

There are many opportunities in life to develop patience, if that’s your goal.
 I learned many years ago not to pray for patience. If you do, get ready to experience some version of “hurry up and wait.”
Life, or God, will give you multiple opportunities to develop patience, and unless you’re already a patient person, it won’t be classified as enjoyable or fun.

 There are multiple ways the universe helps you develop patience…but steel yourself.
Take the Pandemic, for instance. Social distancing began two weeks before my birthday in March, and now I’m wondering if my next birthday will be a similar lockdown. 
In the meantime, I bought two adorable kittens and binge- watched “The Crown”, all in an effort to distract myself… but I’m still pacing the floor. 
It’s My Fault!

Sometimes, instead of mastering the waiting game, I invite it. Case in point…when I wait until the last minute to leave the house for an appointment, and hit every red light on the road.
As I feel my adrenaline racing, my mind chastises me with a million “woulda, coulda, shouda’s”. If impatience is so uncomfortable, you’d think I could think of a Plan B, like maybe leaving the house earlier.
How about waiting in line at the grocery store? This is another challenge. Einstein was right. Time is relative. A minute in that line feels like fifteen. 
Once I advance far enough to reach the magazines, I can at least distract myself as I flip through the pictures, and hope the cashier notices. Actually, I should be grateful I don’t have time to actually read the articles.

But that would be looking at the bright side. Instead, it’s all cortisol overload…no bright side to that.
Here’s a question…if physicians really cared about my health, why would they make me wait so long in the aptly named “waiting” room?

Don’t they know they’re causing my cortisol to spike? Don’t they remember their Hippocratic oath?
Bottom line…back to square one…

Praying for patience. 

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