The Dilemma of Faith

The Redirection

I just read an article by Dr. Monroe Mann, Psych Ph.d, about dealing with rejection. As a former therapist, I’m familiar with the term “reframe,” which means changing the way you think about something when you’re stuck in a negative mindset.

She has an intriguing take on this concept, and calls it a “redirection”. Instead of feeling rejected when things don’t work out, instead, you can look at it as a Plan B, a chance to take a different path. 

You could call it fate, bad luck, or divine providence. Maybe God sees things from a bigger picture. 

What Did I Just Say?

Did I really say, “maybe”? Where’s my faith? 

I think of myself as a person of faith. When I look back, I’ve had plenty of “redirections” in my life. My first reaction to rejection or implosion of my best laid plans is usually negative. I look for someone to blame, and that someone is usually me.

Am I just not good enough, skilled enough, lovable enough, or, in a word, enough?

Time For A Redirect!

This type of thinking is the antithesis of faith. Having faith in something bigger than yourself has a positive effect on not only your state of mind, but your health. This isn’t wishful thinking. There are extensive research articles on Pub Med to back this up. 

What if I decided to interpret rejections and other downturns as a divine redirection from a Higher Power who always has my back?

Maybe my best prayer could be, “this or something better”. 

That way, when the “this” doesn’t manifest, I can look forward to the “something better.”

I like to think of myself as intelligent and rational enough to make my own decisions, and I do. I believe trusting myself, after doing my homework, is the right path. 

But if I’m honest, when it doesn’t work out, my knee jerk reaction is that someone or something has to pay. 

If I allow the scapegoat to be my faith, I’m toast.

The Resolution

Maybe one of my New Year’s Resolution will be honoring the redirections in my life as the “something better”. 

That’s my Resolution.


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