Hasta La Vista, Mercury Retrograde

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Have you noticed things have been taking longer than usual to accomplish? Do normally simple tasks require several attempts before completion? Are you hitting all the red lights?

If so, you may be experiencing the joys of Mercury Retrograde. I only write about this because the last month has been a particularly brutal retrograde, at least in my experience.

So, what is Mercury Retrograde? If you don’t know anything about Astrology, you probably need to know this. It causes frustration. If you like to get things done, just know that the universe isn’t out to get you. It’s nothing personal…just the retrograde…a celestial event that happens four times a year. The good news…there’s a beginning and an end to this astral menace. You can compare it to the frenzy of the full moon. 

Ask Me…I Know

When I had cafeteria duty as a teacher, I tried to anticipate the craziness of the full moon and show extra tolerance for the kids’ behavior. I, at least, knew about the effects of the full moon. After all, if the moon controls the tides, it can practically suck a baby right out of its mother’s womb. You have to respect such a force. Well, I have the same respect for those times when the planet Mercury is traveling backwards.

Although different, Mercury Retrograde is just as powerful, and you’ll be reaching for the chill pill if you’re not aware you’re under its spell. The biggest clue you’ll get is delays. For this reason, during this time it’s advised not to sign contracts or important documents unless you want them back for correction or some other delay tactic. Don’t purchase new gadgets, cars, or cell phones unless you live close to the store where you bought them. Trust me, I’m 99% sure you will be returning to the store. Case in point…the hoop earrings I bought last week broke before I could even wear them…. another trip back to the store. I shouldn’t even allow myself in a store during those weeks.

Another not so fun aspect of this period are the number of fluky things that rain down on you. If there’s something really important you want to do or buy, it’s more than prudent to wait.

The Redeeming Feature

On the positive side, Mercury Retrograde has a redeeming feature. It’ll teach you patience.

But if you’re like me, and satisfied with your present patience level, just remind yourself how happy you’ll be when this is over and things run smoothly…”like butter”, as they say.

If you apply for a new credit card, just look at your daily trips to the mailbox as extra steps on your fitness app. Attitude is everything!

So, to leave with a helpful tip, the last retrograde in 2021 is from September 27 to October 18.

If you’re planning a trip during this time, don’t say you haven’t been warned.


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