It’s Just the Little Things

The Big Things

Life is full of things…big things and little things. We tend to pay more attention and give more value to the big things. Why is that…and what are the big things, anyway?

I’d guess who your parents are would fall into the category of big. So, choose your parents well. With their help, your character will be formed by the age of seven.

Another big thing would be whether you’ve taken advantage of your totally free twelve years of education. This counts as a super biggie because academic success usually translates into financial success. Colleges want you and four years later, employers want you. You have more choices. 

Working in a fast food restaurant is a big thing because you learn to work with the “public”. This is not a dirty word, but it can turn into one if you don’t have experience dealing with the “public”. Fast food restaurants are beautiful training grounds for this under-rated skill.

Another big thing is the marriage question. Do you or don’t you, and if you do, who will become your lifetime partner? This is a serious biggie. Fools rush in, remember. Make sure you know your partner, but first, make sure you know yourself. Who are you, anyway? What are your values, yada yada yada. This is big.

There are other big things, but I think these are the top three. Your choices determine the trajectory of your life and happiness.

The Little Things

But, ah, the little things can give you joy on a daily basis. They don’t cost money…just a little self- awareness.

I was watching the Crown last night and suddenly realized I was smiling. I thought this was strange because it wasn’t a particularly happy scene. But my body knew. I just had to catch up. 

My body was suddenly my teacher. I’d better start paying attention. It was a little thing, but not so little it went pass my awareness.

Little things can totally brighten, if not your day, your entire moment.

For example, as I rinsed out the cat food can before tossing it in the garbage, I suddenly realized the next day was garbage pickup. I wouldn’t have to gingerly scrape every morsel of tuna delight from the can. I was thrilled. I’ve had many band-aid moments from the treacherously sharp edges of those cans. It was a small thing, but in the moment, it made me happy. Somehow, I felt I had won. At least, I had won a reprieve. 

Many days of the week my neighbor picks my paper from the driveway and puts it on my front door mat. What a wonderful way to start the day! It inspired me to do the same for another neighbor. Don’t they call that paying it forward, or in my case, wanting to return the favor?

So, here’s a challenge. Observe how many little things bring you joy. The big things are important, but few. But the little things are there for the taking each day. 

Don’t let them pass you by. 


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