Keep It Simple

Let’s Not Complicate Things

Sometimes I just want my world to be simple. 

One of the clues in today’s crossword was “a game where the highest number wins”. I figured it out fairly quickly. The answer was “War”, a card game my sister and I spent hours playing as kids. It went like this…you each lay down a card and the highest card wins. 

Let’s face it. It wasn’t chess. There was no calculating, planning, anxious moments wondering if your strategizing will pay off. Nope. Just lay down a card. It was purely a game of chance.

Why did I love this game? In retrospect, I hated games where you had to think, and I actually still do. Games are supposed to be a means of relaxation. Not having to think or calculate works for me. That’s why my perfect vacation is going to a spa. Life is simpler at a spa.

Simplify The Commute

Another way of simplifying my life is living no further than five minutes from a grocery. My current home meets that criteria. It’s five minutes from Publix and two minutes from a Walgreens. With gas prices increasing, my location is a little money mecca. I can get to Walgreens on the fumes.

This could even have health benefits. Not having a long drive to the store could mean fewer chances for a road rage incident, ergo…lower blood pressure.

Another idea that would simplify my life falls into the arena of taxes. You can’t avoid taxes. You know what they say…”death and taxes”. But they could certainly simplify it. When one of our leaders was exploring the idea of doing our taxes on a paper the size of a postcard, I was in tax filing heaven. Postcard size would be perfect…no fuss, no muss. 

Finally, I read a Facebook post that explored the idea of a cell phone that could tell you where it was when you couldn’t find it. When you screamed, “Where is my cell phone?”, it would reply “I’m in between the cushions on the couch”. 

This would eliminate all that desperate searching and anxious fantasizing about whether I left it at Publix or Walgreens. 

Thank you, Henry!

So, what are your ideas on how to simplify life? I may concur.

Thoreau was right on when he said, “Simplify, Simplify”.

He’s my hero.


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