Austin, Anyone?

 Texas Adventure

Ever been to Austin? I recently visited the city. This was a first for me. I’ve been to Dallas, but as far as I can recall, that’s the only place I’ve been in the state of Texas. Yes, I’ve been to the Houston airport, but that’s as far as it goes. So, maybe it was time to visit the Texas capital.

Texas is a proud state. In high school, a fellow classmate, who I believe had lived in Oklahoma for her entire life, announced that she was moving to Texas. I remember her exact words. “Once a Texan, always a Texan!” How, quickly, I thought, she changed her allegiance. So, there’s obviously an allure as well as a deep sense of pride and privilege connected with living in this state.

But, hey, I was just a random tourist passing through…or should I say “we” were just passing through. By this, I mean both me and my money. After all, I left a hefty amount of cash in Austin…at least, hefty by my retired teacher standards. I added to the coffers of the hotel, several excellent restaurants, as well as several trendy shops in the area.  

I left with several Tee shirts and a pair of new glasses. They’re in the genre of the elderly, but fashionable, lady known as Iris…you can find her on Netflix…thick, black glasses that definitely make a statement.

We also went to Milk and Honey for massages. We needed these after hoofing it around downtown Austin. 

The Duck Tour

Tourist wise, we took what’s called a Duck Tour. This is where your vehicle leaves the city streets and drives right into the water. I was hesitant to take this adventure after reading about the Duck Tour fatalities in Branson, but I was assured they no longer use the military style boats.

My first clue this Duck Tour thing was mainly for kids was when the driver started handing out “duck quackers”, as these clickers are called. Strangely, he didn’t give a “quacker “to me or my cousin. Maybe we looked too ancient to even bother wasting a “quacker” on…or maybe it was my curled upper lip that dissuaded him…whatever.

Diary of a Foodie

I like to think of myself as a foodie, although my love for McFlurries probably discredits this moniker. However, it was in Austin I experienced probably the best food of my life to date.

In case you go to Austin, it’s called Hestia. They serve you with individual servings shared by the group. With each serving, my cousin made this noise that sounded like pure bliss. I’ve never heard her do this at any other restaurant. At first I thought she’d bitten her tongue or hurt herself in some way, but I quickly realized she was in a state of culinary ecstasy. I had to concur.

The only not- so- great experience was in an establishment, which will go unnamed, that served really, really hot food. It must have been an Aries restaurant. I’m usually sensitive to spicy foods, but this was spicy on steroids. One taste was all it took. If there hadn’t been a pitcher of water on the table, I might not be here to write this blog.

Yes, the Covid was rampant during our visit. But we wore masks, and in spite of that, had a wonderful time.

So, even though I’m not a fan of Austin City Limits, the trip was a blast.


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