What Are The Odds? The Story of Mike Lindell

Don’t Say You Don’t Know Him

I’ve decided to share a book review I wrote for my blog, I Read the Book. This book is written by a man most people will recognize immediately…Mike Lindell. If you watch infomercials, I know you’ve seen him…maybe too many times. He’s the My Pillow guy.

He’s nothing if not a “character”. Even though he describes himself as shy, he’s exuberant and outgoing. If you’ve seen him on TV, you know what I mean. He either doesn’t have a shy bone in his body or he deserves an Academy Award.

Success didn’t come easy for Mike. He struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for many years. Owning a bar was probably not the healthiest occupation for him, but his life has been nothing if not colorful. 

Mike is, or was, a card counter. If you’re like me, I had no idea what that was. But if you spend much time in Vegas, you know exactly what it is. Numbers are his strong suit, and even in his druggie periods, he could memorize cards with the finesse of a savant. This is what kept him from going under financially. He was like those plastic dolls that pop back up when you knock them down. Mike is a fighter.

The fascinating thing about Mike is his strong intuition and connection to God. In my opinion, he’s a psychic. He trusted the messages he received, and they were right on. He seemed to have a direct line.

Ultimately, he made a success of My Pillow, and the book details his struggles. If I had to choose one word to describe him, it would be “tenacious”.

I Confess

To be honest, I’ve never owned one of his pillows, but I highly endorse his Giza Dream Sheets. I recently visited a hotel in Austin, and those sheets felt just like the Dream sheets I sleep on at home. 

All in all, his book is an interesting read because he’s a fabulous storyteller, and discusses his ups and downs with no holds barred. His personality jumps off every page. Simply stated, the book is page turner.

I can’t wait to see what he does next.


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