How Woo-Woo Is Your Subconscious?

What Is It, Anyway?

As a therapist and life coach, I often hear clients talk about the subconscious. This is, at best, a murky subject. Everyone has their ideas on what the subconscious actually is. Some refer to it as the unconscious because it’s the part of ourselves not accessible without some type of intervention. 

Loosely, going to sleep might be considered an intervention. Dreaming, known as REM sleep, is one gateway to the subconscious. But, how often do you even remember the content of your dreams? It’s hard to receive messages or even begin to do dream interpretation if you don’t even remember the dream. Yes, sometimes I get brief snatches of a scene, but they evaporate at record speed, leaving me frustrated and still clueless about what the dream might mean.

 According to Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst, the subconscious is genetically inherited, and is not shaped by personal experience. Freud, however, did believe it was formed as a result of personal experience.

What seems to be the popular notion is that the subconscious is the receptacle for all our memories and experiences. One method of accessing these is through the Energy Therapies, such as hypnosis and The Emotion Code.

I have to admit. I love the Energy Therapies…in particular The Emotion Code. Developed by Bradley Nelson, it’s based on the belief that emotions are bits of energy, and, as such, are always in motion in some form. However, unprocessed emotions can become stuck at various locations in the body. 

For Instance

Let me give you an example. An argument with your spouse is likely to cause anger or anxiety. If you’re able to process these emotions through self -talk or a healing discussion, the energy generated by these emotions will quickly leave your body. However, if you’re not able to resolve the emotions, they can become stuck in your body, causing residual problems in your relationship or your sense of self.

Through a process called Muscle Testing, which essentially uses the strength of your arm to gauge the validity of certain statements, you’re able to get information from your subconscious mind.

How is this possible?

 Your muscles actually weaken slightly when presented with an idea or statement that doesn’t resonate as true with your subconscious. In that way, you’re able to communicate with your subconscious and easily and painlessly release the emotions connected with that event. 

I know this sounds really “out there”, but I’ve witnessed amazing healings with this method.

We all have a subconscious and it’s the repository for everything we’ve ever experienced. 

When they talk about a “Life Review” after death, I wonder if they’re simply rewinding the tape of our subconscious mind.


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