Time Travel, Anyone?

Are We There Yet?

We haven’t quite reached the technological pinnacle of actual time travel, but I’ve discovered a pretty good runner up. It’s not rocket science because we all do it…we’re all time travelers in a sense.
We can easily travel to the past. It’s call memory. We can also travel to the future. It’s called visualizing, manifesting, wishing, or just ordinary planning. 
Both are powerful means of travel. 
They can take you to the badlands of regret or the rose gardens of anticipation. It’s all up to you.
So, what to do if you’re stuck in the pits of rumination? Traveling there is a total waste of time. It’s like taking a detour that leads to a dead end. I once saw a show about a woman whose GPS led her straight into the middle of the desert where she was desperately low on gas.
This is a time travel trip you don’t want to take.
On the other hand, anticipating something you really want is a trip worth taking.
My Favorites

But there’s another type of travel trigger. It’s called music. Music can take you back in a fraction of a second.
The other day, as I was driving, I heard the “Theme From Peter Gunn”. That was the song the school band played at my high school pep rallies. Instantly, I could see the pom-poms and the bleachers, and I was immediately energized. This is my kind of time travel!
I remember hearing the Beach Boy song, “Do It Again”, and was instantly transported to my Aunt and Uncle’s house where I was dancing in the living room.
“Lara’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago takes me to a movie date during the Christmas holidays with my high school boyfriend.
But music isn’t the only time trigger. Smells, or aromas, are just as jet propelled. 
The smell of Old Spice brings my father back to life. Shalimar does the same to my mother. The smell of bacon takes me to my Aunt’s kitchen. 
When I smell honeysuckle, I’m a kid playing in my front yard.
The point is…why wait for technology to catch up…we’ve got the real deal sitting right on the top of our shoulders. 
That’s good enough for me.

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