What Floats Your Boat?

Why Do I Ask?

I ask this question because I recently became aware of the humongous part music plays in my ability to feel joy and happiness.

 Even if the music is mainly in a minor key, which seems to draw out feelings of sadness, music still has the power to move me in ways that TV or the internet can’t begin to touch or rival.

It definitely floats my boat. I’m grateful God gave us this beautiful sense, and I’m hoping the many rock concerts I’ve attended in my lifetime haven’t hastened its demise.

From Whence It Came

As a child, my parents used the record player, or stereo, to play Broadway musicals…hence, my love for musicals.

In 7th grade, I discovered rock and roll via the car radio. Ok, I know that’s late in life to figure this out, but I was the oldest child, and my parents weren’t into rock and roll.

My first purchases, were Hit The Road Jack, and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The former is still good advice, and the latter still a popular song. The other night I watched a documentary on its origin. These songs were both on what they called ‘45’s, small vinyl records costing $1 apiece.

Records were also available as albums. I loved the richness of the sound. Although the car radio delivered a tinny mono tone, the vinyl sound was rich. I was in audio heaven.

One Step Backwards

It all came crashing to a musical halt for me when the CD’s came out. I don’t consider myself an audiophile, or maybe I secretly do, but I thought CD’s were a downgraded version of the vinyl. Thankfully, vinyl is coming back into vogue.

I love all types of music… broadway, country, rock, the Beatles, all the music of the 60’s and 70”s, which dates me, I know.

My mother used to say she could hear, or imagine hearing Rhapsody in Blue each time her plane landed in New York City. 

The Playlist

I love that song, as well as Concerto in F and Porgy and Bess by Gershwin, Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev, The Jupiter Symphony by Mozart, The Carousel Waltz by Richard Rodgers, Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copeland, Dance of the Little Swans by Tchaikovsky, and so many more. 

Above all, music transports me. I meditate to stay in the present moment, and I listen to music to be swept away. 


3 thoughts on “What Floats Your Boat?

  1. Music indeed touches our souls. It is the worlds common language. Thank you for the reminder to play our favorites and may I suggest sing along too!

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