Your Unique Path

Who’s Asking?

Who are you, anyway? Do you know?  
If you’re struggling with this question, welcome to the club. It’s a hard question to answer. 
In actuality, you’re like a prism or a mosaic. You’re multi-faced, a diamond in the rough, virgin territory to be explored, a flag looking for a place to plant its stake.
 You’re like a three -course meal. Childhood is your appetizer, adolescence is your chopped salad, adulthood is your entre, and old age is your dessert. Of course, this is only if, by chance or design, you’ve been the least bit introspective about your life.
The easiest way to discover yourself is through your gifts. These are the places where you shine.
You don’t always know what they are. My 8th grade teacher, Sister Bernarda, signed my yearbook with the words, “I hope you will use the gifts you’ve been given.”
 Even as an adult, I find myself wishing she’d been more specific. I think it boils down to what I’m good at. I sort of know that.
Thoughts To Ponder
As a student of metaphysics, I’ve learned that the Sun, astrologically speaking, is where you shine.
It’s your gift both to yourself, and to the world at large. In that way, your happiness and sense of fulfillment through utilizing your gifts is far reaching, blessing others in ways you may never realize.
To quote the Chaos Theory, “according to The Butterfly Effect, something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” Similarly, that’s the effect of using your gifts. You’re that important. 
Yes, we all have shadow characteristics. But hopefully, in the time we’re given on the planet, we can transform them into the part of us that shines. Maybe knowing our gifts and transforming our struggles is our life purpose, or mission.
It’s Not People Pleasing
Maybe that’s a good definition of who you are. It’s very personal and unique. Taking up your life mission simply to please others, or remain conventional, doesn’t tend to end well.
Ultimately, it’s better to follow the unique path your heart knows is true than, to quote Robert Frost, regret “the road not taken”.

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