Here We Go Again!

Another Year Rolls Around

It’s that time of year…

By now, the gym membership is a mini guilt trip haunting you like the ghost of Christmas past. 

For that reason, I haven’t broken any resolutions because, guess what, I didn’t make any.

Ha! I feel like I’m laughing in the face of tradition. Is there a category for “couch potato “on the list of laudable resolutions?

But not to worry. I won’t be sitting idly by. There’s another category, which, by the way, I didn’t sign up for… taxes. 

Tax Trivia

Did you realize that income tax didn’t even exist before 1861? I’m not trying to be a grinch. I’m sure they had bigger things to worry about, like the lack of indoor plumbing, but despite that, aren’t you just a little bit jealous?

If you do your own taxes, I applaud you, but the brutal exacting work of locating the necessary paperwork and making sure your total expenses match the categories they fall under is a grueling task. Overall, math is my nemesis. Don’t think calculators are the answer. I can’t blame the calculator. If it doesn’t add up, it doesn’t add up.

Accountants expect it to add up. This is why I’m not an accountant. It’s so black and white. As much as I love those colors for my wardrobe, as a rule, I find it so perfectionistic. It’s so…you know…picky! 

Driving home today, I heard the Beatles song “Taxman”. If you haven’t heard it, please tune in. Even the Beatles resented paying taxes. 

Tax Freedom?

There’s actually a” Tax Freedom Day” each year. Never heard of it? I think that’s by design, because the actual number of days they estimate you have to work before your tax debt is met is 105.

This is so ironic because, if I’m correct, that’s 3.5 months, which, again, if I’m correct, is April 15.

Is this a coincidence? Is this too synchronistic to be real?

So, May is your first free month as a citizen. Live it up!

No wonder people are dancing around the Maypole.


One thought on “Here We Go Again!

  1. The highlight of my week is reading Terry’s blog! She has a talent for knowing how my brain works & making it humerous.

    NEVER stop writing Terry!

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