Harry Chapin

I Remember Harry

Last night I watched a documentary about the entertainer, Harry Chapin, a singer-songwriter, who you may associate with the songs “Cat’s in the Cradle” and “Taxi”. Both were thought provoking in their messages, and well worth listening to if you haven’t heard them. 

Basically, he sang about life. Both songs are about relationships, both poignant, but instructive at the same time. He was both talented and a deep thinker.

His Personality

He also had a deep sense of mission, and when combined with an obsessive drive and firecracker energy, he was able to make things happen. One of his strengths was his gift of gab. If he couldn’t win you over to his side, or convince you of the need for change, he could at least wear you down.

His Mission

His choice of causes was world hunger, and he worked tirelessly to make a difference. Although he died young, at the age of 38, his contributions left a lasting legacy to the cause of world hunger that continues today.

There’s much to admire about Harry Chapin. However, what left the most lasting impression on me was his philosophy of life. He felt strongly that problems could be solved by action. I have the feeling that the type of action didn’t matter. It was like ”just do something.” 

I believe this is the answer to most of our problems. The beauty of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is his realization that you have to take one road or the other. Remaining frozen in place won’t solve anything. 

I think this describes Harry Chapin’s philosophy of life , and the world is better for it.

To listen to Cat’s In The Cradlehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUwjNBjqR-c


Why Do I Even Carry a Purse?

Deja Vu

It’s happened again. I remember writing about my purse in a previous blog. I called it “the mix-master” because it might as well be a Kitchen- Aid appliance.

Dropping personal items into my purse is like watching them fall into the abyss. It takes a certain amount of faith. What mysterious morphing takes place on their way to the bottom? 

Case in point: this morning I dropped a small folder containing my daily to-do list into my purse. I was planning a trip to Walgreens, and wanted it to consist of one trip …not one trip followed by another trip to get the things I forgot to get on the first trip…hence, the to-do list.

When I pulled my wallet out of my purse at the check out counter, it had attached itself to the silver latch on my to-do list folder. It was totally entangled. I tried, several times, unsuccessfully, to untangle it.  By untangle, I mean separate two totally merged items that were now one… like Siamese twins. 

At this point, the cashier offered her assistance, which I gratefully declined. She didn’t know the diabolical nature of my purse, or the extent of its ability to morph its contents into an almost unrecognizable form.

As much as I appreciated her offer, what I really needed was an engineer, not a cashier.

I couldn’t fathom, as I tried to figure out how to untangle this mess, how in reality it could have happened in the first place. It was like there was a tiny little David Copperfield inside my purse, doing its magic. 

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

I tried untangling the fusion with my own slight of hand…I got nothing.

I tried cutting the wire with scissors…nada.

I finally found success with wire cutters.

Maybe I should start carrying wire cutters in my purse.

Or maybe I should stop carrying a purse.

It works for guys…