Why Do I Even Carry a Purse?

Deja Vu

It’s happened again. I remember writing about my purse in a previous blog. I called it “the mix-master” because it might as well be a Kitchen- Aid appliance.

Dropping personal items into my purse is like watching them fall into the abyss. It takes a certain amount of faith. What mysterious morphing takes place on their way to the bottom? 

Case in point: this morning I dropped a small folder containing my daily to-do list into my purse. I was planning a trip to Walgreens, and wanted it to consist of one trip …not one trip followed by another trip to get the things I forgot to get on the first trip…hence, the to-do list.

When I pulled my wallet out of my purse at the check out counter, it had attached itself to the silver latch on my to-do list folder. It was totally entangled. I tried, several times, unsuccessfully, to untangle it.  By untangle, I mean separate two totally merged items that were now one… like Siamese twins. 

At this point, the cashier offered her assistance, which I gratefully declined. She didn’t know the diabolical nature of my purse, or the extent of its ability to morph its contents into an almost unrecognizable form.

As much as I appreciated her offer, what I really needed was an engineer, not a cashier.

I couldn’t fathom, as I tried to figure out how to untangle this mess, how in reality it could have happened in the first place. It was like there was a tiny little David Copperfield inside my purse, doing its magic. 

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

I tried untangling the fusion with my own slight of hand…I got nothing.

I tried cutting the wire with scissors…nada.

I finally found success with wire cutters.

Maybe I should start carrying wire cutters in my purse.

Or maybe I should stop carrying a purse.

It works for guys…


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