The Reasons Why

The Reasons Why

Let’s face it. There’s a reason behind everything we do. Some things are mandated, and that’s why we acquiesce to things we might not agree with. For example, if I’m in a hurry, I may want to run through the red light, but the reason I don’t is obvious.

Yet, as I stated, I don’t do most things unless there’s a pretty good reason. For example, I recently bought a stainless-steel pan. Why? In my estimation, it’s healthier, and the eggs taste better.

However, as I was cleaning the pan, the thought crossed my mind that the reason I exercise is partially to have enough strength to clean that pan. Have you ever tried to clean a stainless-steel pan? You’d better have some bulky biceps before you spend your money. This requires elbow grease, so it’s part of the reason I work out. I can visualize that pan while I’m pumping iron!

So, why do I bother to make my bed? What’s my reason? First, it’s one of those skills acquired at summer camp. I don’t mean to brag, but now I can make hospital corners! What are those, you ask. Do you even make your bed?

I make my bed because it makes my entire bedroom look finished. Even if the bedside table is loaded and the chair is piled with stuff, making the bed gives a clean and orderly look to the entire room. It’s the biggest piece of furniture in the room, and the eye is naturally drawn in its direction. Second, it’s a lot more fun to jump into a bed that’s been made. It points toward my health and productivity. Obviously, I haven’t been hanging around in bed all day binge -watching TV. Third, it only takes 3 minutes of my time.

Where else do I get so much bang for my buck?

I’m also attempting to grow my own vegetables. Why? The “powers that be” keep threatening, or at the very least, warning about a food desert and possible food deficits. Armed with this knowledge, I felt the need to be proactive. So far, I’ve tried to grow several veggies, but not without fierce competition from the insects and raccoons. Anyway, my actions are motivated by my love for one thing……I like to eat.

When I meet friends for lunch, I often ask if we can switch seats. This elicits a lot of puzzled faces until I explain that staring into bright sunlight is one of my migraine triggers. Ironically, I live in Florida, popularly known as the “Sunshine State”.

Bottom line, I think the “why” of our behaviors is also the driver of our behaviors. 

As they say, “different strokes for different folks.”