Because of the Wars currently occurring on our planet, coupled by the constant threats of War, I’ve decided to share a poem I wrote in high school. At that time, we were living through the Cold War period. This poem reflects my thoughts at the time. That was then, but over the years, my feelings haven’t changed. From the time of recorded history, there’s always been conflict. It is my fervent prayer that someday war will simply be an anachronism, and we’ll finally live in peace.


There’s always been, historically

War and strife and poverty.

But of the three, the one most sure

To regularly re-occur

Is war.

War seems pointless, I’ll admit,

“Load the cannon, score a hit”,

But where would our great nation be,

(Eating crumpets, sipping tea), 

If our forefathers hadn’t fought

So bravely for our liberty.

What if Lincoln had decided 

“Let the nation stay divided”

And Civil War had not begun?

We’d be two nations ‘stead of one.

And what if Hitler, on the Rhine, 

Who threatened “I’ll make Europe mine!”

Had been allowed to use his clout?

We might be eating sauerkraut!

Though war’s a vile and hideous thing,

With tanks, grenades, maneuvering,

There comes a time one needs to fight

For what he knows, and feels is right.

And yet, I’d certainly rejoice 

If we could find a better choice,

To view each person as a brother

Rather than to kill each other.

                               Terry Trower

                                Circa 1965

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