The Rules of the Road

My Rules

As I exited the grocery store, I noticed an SUV had courteously stopped for the woman walking in front of me. I wondered, “Would he extend the same courtesy to me?”

Not so lucky.

 He was only willing to stop for one person. I didn’t take it personally. The reason I didn’t take it personally is because I do the same thing. For me, it’s when several cars are trying to merge from a shopping center back onto the main road.

 I usually allow one car to merge in front of me. It makes me feel like a good person. Maybe this person will pay it forward. But let the second car try to squeeze in…I consider this butting in. It’s against the rules. 

I guess I’m not such a good person after all. The truth is, I have rules…one car only. The second car provokes road rage. But, sometimes, when I’m feeling uncharacteristically generous, I let the second car in.

Another phenomenon involves my turn signal. In my high school driver’s training class, I was taught to put on my blinker before I turned or changed lanes. This seemed reasonable. But, in Florida, very few drivers follow this rule. I‘ve learned not to put on my blinker because I know the moment I do, the car behind me will “floor it” so I can’t change lanes. 

Is this diabolical or what? Either they didn’t take driver’s training, are extremely old, or have something against Hondas. 

Let’s Move On

Now, on a completely different subject, I noticed something interesting today. I guess you’re never too old to learn something new or get a different perspective. When I was in college, I took a course on WWII. During class one day, he played the music of that era. The piece he chose was by Wagner. I was entranced. I had to have that album, so I ran to the student union bookstore directly after class. However, while I was looking for Wagner, the bookstore was playing the most beautiful song…so beautiful, it stopped me in my tracks. Instantly, for me, it was “Goodbye Wagner, Hello Elton John”. I absolutely loved the song. In fact, it was called “My Song”.

Fast-forward to today. I heard the same song on the radio, but this time it was sung by a man and woman…not Elton John. I quickly realized it wasn’t the song I loved as much as Elton John’s voice and style. 

I guess I’m right…you’re never too old to learn something new or get a different perspective.


One thought on “The Rules of the Road

  1. Elton John’s Your Song is Dillon and Kim’s song. He has given her two different anniversary gifts of it … the words to it framed and the CD with the words written on it and framed. They love it! And I do too.

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