Awesome Combinations

The Miracle of Music

I have a question. I wonder why, with only seven notes on a musical scale, so much music has been created. Yes, I need to include the black keys, representing the flats or sharps, and the major and minor keys. Actually, I’ve read that there are 240 notes in all, but this is nothing compared to the number of songs created since the beginning of time, which, according to Google, is 82,500,000,000,000,000,000. I’ve been listening to music for many years, and never heard a song that was exactly like another. It seems infinitesimal!

The Alphabet

To add to that, just consider the letters of the alphabet. There are 26 at last count. How many bazillions of combinations of these letters make up language, and I’m just thinking about English. These combinations are arranged in such a way, or order, that many thousands, or even millions of words, with differing meanings take form.

It’s like the Scrabble game that never ends!

Your Body

If that’s not enough, think about your body. You have 46 different chromosomes that comprise your DNA. That’s 23 sets. 

These chromosomes make up your genetic footprint, which influences your total makeup including how you look, how you act, your talents, as well as your vulnerability to disease. It runs the gamut. 

Some things you can change…some you can’t. You can alter your environment via your lifestyle, but you come into the world as unique as your fingerprints. Yes, maybe you have a doppelganger floating around somewhere on the planet, but it’s still not you!

Another question…how is it that everyone on Earth has a unique fingerprint signature?

Did Einstein have the answer?

Are we living in the Matrix? 

I know virtual reality can simulate almost any fantasy, but there are limits to what the mind can conceive or believe…at least in my mind.

There must be a higher intelligence, a Higher Power.

 In my world, I call that God.