The Real Difference Between Men and Women

I get that there are many differences between men and women, but the one that has my attention at the moment can be boiled down to two words…prep time.

I have several morning rituals that give me pleasure, like eating breakfast, reading the newspaper and drinking my one and only cup of coffee…black. 

But, there’s another morning ritual I consider not so pleasant. It’s time consuming, and needs to be at least acknowledged, and given the credit it’s due.

I’ve started to regard getting dressed with the same distain I feel about those order- out delivery meals that take 45 minutes of intense prep before you can eat. 

There’s considerable prep-time needed for the simple act of getting dressed and making myself even bottom-line presentable. It’s occurred to me that this is a major difference between men and women. 

Ready For Your Close-up?

For a man, it’s maybe 15 minutes…shower, dab of styling gel, dress, and out the door.

As I’ve said before, hair is extremely important to women… men, not so much. Some men would argue with me, but they don’t seem to have the same issues with hair. Even in the most extreme wind conditions, I don’t recall ever looking at a guy and thinking, “He’s having a bad hair day.”

 For women, it’s more like an hour and 15 minutes. Shower, apply makeup (or what my great aunt used to call “putting on her face”), blow dry your hair, and decide what to wear. This may include several wardrobe changes before a final decision is made. Regardless of your feelings on this issue, for working women, presentation is queen. I long for the simplicity of my school uniform days. No decisions. If it’s clean and hanging in the closet, put it on.

 If a woman likes makeup, she’s likely to patronize several brands. I remember, during my garage sale, a friend sarcastically suggesting I have both a Clinique and an Estee Lauder counter. 

The Time Factor

So, how many hours is all this prep time setting me back? Let’s just say I spend 265 hours a year prepping. What else could I have done with that time…written a sequel to War and Peace, learned to play Dueling Banjos, become fluent in French?

But, truthfully, prepping is my choice.

All things considered, it’s time well spent.