Staying On Top of the Fray

The Fray?

What is the fray, anyway?  According to Google, fray refers to a person’s nerves, or temper, as well as the effects of strain.

 In my book, there are two ways to deal with the fray. Either learn to anticipate problems before the fray, or become an expert in problem solving.

We have daily opportunities to stay on top of the fray. As I write this, my kittens are behind my computer, frisking upon my wifi setup, and possibly doing their favorite type of sabotage, chewing on the wires. 

As anticipating problems is one way to stay on top of the fray, I could lock the cats out of my home office. But that only means desperate scratching to get back in. I could move my computer away from the wall so their little bodies didn’t have such an advantage over me.

Or, I could learn to live with it and re-read my copy of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.”

IPhone Fray

Here’s a problem I didn’t anticipate. When I turned off my iPhone alarm, I noticed it hadn’t charged. It was only then I saw an alert I’d never seen before, and hope to never see again.

“Your connector is wet. Let it dry.” 

This was not good news. So, I guess the thingy has a name… the connector. 

To add to the fray, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning and need my alarm. I remember reading that willing yourself to wake up at a certain hour can work.

 Should I put more stock in my unconscious mind, or the odds that my iPhone will dry before the sun sets? 

Choose Carefully

The truth is, you can’t anticipate every problem, so in this case, the skill called “problem solving” must be employed. I could curse the iPhone to express my agitation that the fray has fried my morning serenity, I could rush to the iPhone “fix-it” store, or I could patiently wait for it to dry.

I chose option #3.

I wasn’t disappointed. I was right “on point”. The crisis was over. The ship was back in port. Once my amygdala had left the freak- out stage, I had time to reflect on my gratitude for both the cats and the iPhone.

To quote the T-shirt, “Life is good”.