Time Is Money

The Joy of Emails

You’ve heard of the million- mile marker? Well, I’m nearing the million- email marker. 
Every morning my routine includes feeding the cats, feeding myself, making coffee, and deleting 80 emails. 
This takes time. 
Isn’t there an old saying, “time is money.”  It’s almost as if whoever said this had a glimpse into the future of the email world… maybe Nostradamus.
They’ve Got To Go

The solution was simple. I decided to delete all my old emails. It seemed efficient. However, it appears the window on this idea has slammed shut.
 Gmail was easy (fewer emails), but Yahoo…not so much. I waved the white flag when I realized my deletions had only progressed to 2017. This is 2021. I could see the trend. My finger was tired.
I recently joined a service that sends out automated marketing emails. The problem…no one opens my emails. I’m one of the 80 they delete every morning. I feel a little guilty for even sending them out. If time is money, I feel like I’m stealing their time.

A Light Bulb Moment
Here’s an idea. Maybe instead of putting people through the drudgery of deleting email messages, emails could be recorded subliminally. You could listen to them in your sleep, or even take a email messages “power nap”.
Another time-eater is the batch of computer glitches I sometimes endure. Yesterday the printer wouldn’t print. Today Microsoft Word wouldn’t open. 
Where is a seventh grader when you need one?
I actually get the most bang for the buck from my To-Do list. Once the items are checked off, it’s siesta time. I have time to spare.
Yes, it seems the adage is true. Time is money.
How are you “spending” yours?