The Art of Feeling Young

I love to read about health. There are a multitude of strategies for looking and staying young. What I don’t see are articles on feeling young.

There were times in my childhood where I felt much older than my chronological age. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing because it reflected a pattern of responsibility beyond my developmental level. Maybe you can relate.

As a young teacher, I actually did feel young because, for one thing, I was only seven years older than my ninth grade students. At parent conferences, I’d often hear, ” I wish I’d had a teacher as young as you!” So, not only was I chronologically young, I actually felt young.

There are many years in your life when you have the advantage of appearing young and spry. These are your power years because you’re not hampered my physical maladies. You probably are young and spry.

But, how about those years when you’re not young and spry? How young do you feel then?

The Brainwashing Machine

If you watch TV at all, especially during the day, then you might be lured down the slippery slope of feeling like the ancient mariner. The media delights in offering you a plethora of choices to cure your expected maladies…denture cream for your teeth, creams for your bad knees, antidepressants for your mood, pills for your memory, as well as their daunting side effects which, by the way, don’t exclude death!

If this doesn’t make you feel both ancient and in dire danger of eminent demise, there’s a pop-up attorney who’ll gladly help you sue the makers of the above products. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the phrase, “if you or a loved one”.

On the positive side, I recently read an article that gave me hope. The crux of the article was about a study showing that people who “felt” younger than their age seemed to have a protective barrier against stress and poor health.

The Scientific View

I remember a study, or it could have been an experiment, where participants stayed in a town or street made to recreate life as it was ten years ago, complete with the popular music, stores, etc. They even wore the clothing from that time. Actually, I would probably have some of those clothes still in my closet!

When the study was complete, the participants not only felt ten years younger, they acted younger and their health had actually improved.

So, all in all, I guess it’s true…you really are as young as you feel!


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